Painter Eric Telfort’s Youtube Series

Painter Eric Telfort has developed this charming series
jam packed with both humor and profound thought.




“My work takes issues in popular culture and relates them to my personal artist experience growing up. I like to examine my past and reinterpret those things in contemporary art. Visually it is akin to stories of Cervantes’s Don Quixote. Where Quixote thought a giant windmill was a giant ferocious dragon, I imagined a laundry basket on my back and t-shirt wrapped around my face as my transformation into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. I have vivid recollections of strapping a back pack on, and playing ghost busters with my brother who would adorn himself in large white t-shirts. There are irrefutable and unavoidable racial undertones in the comical oil paintings depicting me in studio re-visiting the lint-like moments clinging onto the pockets of my thoughts. My work faintly touches on the naivety of growing up in rich irony; rich with negative experiences as a result of my socio-economic background, and the wealth of creativity that resulted from it. Besides……..playing dress up is something many people can relate to. This very idea has transcended into popular culture as well as modern painting.”

-Eric Telfort




Visit Eric’s channel on Youtube: etelfort
Twitter: @eric_the_artist
Eric Telfort on facebook… coming soon this summer!!



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