Melisa Phillips

2 Op Collective has their eye on Melisa Phillips! Here are some examples of her work:







Q. Tell us about your work?

A. In my work, along with vibrant color, I enjoy playing with alpha-numeric stencil patterns. I became
fascinated with using letters & numbers as shapes and patterns, rather than words and phrases.
Overlapping the stencils helps fool the eye, so the recognizable alphabet disappears into pattern and
shape. In my mixed media pieces, I used artist tape for the stencil shapes, adding a layer of texture to
the pattern work.


Q. What advice do you have for your peers?

A. Keep creating; keep making more. Create because you enjoy it, not because you think it will sell, or
make you famous. Create what speaks to you; don’t be afraid to reject “constructive” criticism; trust
your own voice. I have a fortune cookie fortune on my wall that reminds me “Practice is the best of all


Q. Where can we learn more about you and your work?

A. My work is on my website If you are in San Francisco, I have 2 Open Studio shows
a year (Spring/Fall) at my art studio – #155/#156 The Art Explosion Studios, 2324 – 17 thStreet & Potrero,
in San Francisco –

If you want to check out my new feed of InstaGram photos, my user name is: melips





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