June Featured Artist: Matilde Llambi Campbell


















About Matilde:

I paint, I draw and I take photographs. My recent work involves the exploration of a type of photography that has strong painterly qualities. I am capturing moments in port cities to single them out with a digital camera.  I do not post produce the photos, and that is probably the only link between my work and traditional photography: working direct shot. It is much more fascinating than altering the photos with a program afterwards because it is faithful to the moment. However I strongly believe the most challenging part of digital photography today is editing: sometimes I return with 400 photos of one night. The following morning it can get pretty intense.

All my work is linked to water somehow, I love the ocean. It makes me feel good every time. I rely a lot on the ocean being there.

Learn more at: http://matilde-llambi.blogspot.com/

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