Jayd Almquist

2 Op Collective has their eyes on JAYD ALMQUIST! Here are some examples of his work:







Q. Tell us about your work?

A. My expression is a journey within my subconscious.  When I create I try to find the quite place within my mind, then I concentrate on the quietness and stay alert.  Mindfulness and creativity come in waves and pulsate through me.  I would say this work is a conversation on paper that I had with my subconscious, it’s hard to touch because my souls illusive, which may explain the spins and quick markings, all in attempt to record my findings.


Q. What advice do you have for your peers?

A. Never stop making.  Make, build, and create anything that you can think of.  Then find a place to show it to people and let them be the  judge.


Q. Where can we learn more about you and your work?

A. More of my work can be found at www.thecreativemindofjayd.com or you can visit my studio in San Francisco at 2425 17th street art explosion studio #171


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