Patricia Araujo


2 Op Collective has their eyes on PATRICIA ARAUJO! Here are some examples of her work:






Q. Tell us about your work?

A. I’ve been painting San Francisco’s central city architecture for the past decade and my interest in the Mid-Market neighborhood continues, addressing the themes of urban growth and decay. Since 2008, I developed a new body of work, “Tomorrowland Today”. This series was inspired by futuristic, classical, and industrial architecture; the specific point of departure was finding photographs of circus arenas in Romania and Ukraine. The structures I’ve brought together in these paintings also include coliseums, citadels, and roller coasters.

My father was an architect and worked for Walt Disney Imagineering during the 1970s and 1980s, and while I was a child I visited Disney World every summer. It was there that I was first fascinated by amusement parks. I am still captivated by Disney’s Epcot Center and the Florida version of Tomorrowland, and in particular by the Space Mountain ride, which has become an American icon for kids and adults. I see resemblances between Space Mountain and another structure, a circus building in the city of Dnepr, Ukraine, a city that became Russia’s major center of steel production early in the 20th century. Dnepr has also been an important center of aerospace and nuclear-weapons development; in that sense it is a city of the technological future. Not an amusement-park Tomorrowland, but a real one. There are similarities between the two buildings’ design and also in their function as places of entertainment. For this series I have created my own version of the Dnepr circus building, which appears as a spaceship and recurs in many of these paintings, acting as a unifying element.

My Tomorrowland paintings highlight the exteriors of complete structures, but also depict architectural fragments and decorative elements. Their style, another unifying element in this series, is largely abstract. Individual elements have sharp, precise edges, highlighted by bright, flat colors. The style has more in common with the abstraction of architectural drawing than with realistic painting. These imaginary cityscapes are a mixture of old and new constructions from various places, East and West. I have sought to bring centuries of utopianism and hope for the future together in a fantasized present, as that present might be created in an architect’s or a painter’s vision.


Q. What advice do you have for your peers?

A. My best words of wisdom, is paint paint paint…one has to do the work! Be patient with this profession, it’s not an instantaneous career to stardom. Each artist will have a different role to offer. Some may become the next big hit, but how long can you endure it? The key to it all in my opinion, is longetivity to hard work and commitment and continuous growth. Enjoy this artistic path because it can be a struggle financially, yet it is a beautiful passion. Make sure to balance your lifestyle so you can find time to create a cohesive series. If you need to work additional hours at another job, do it, and know that you can come back to the studio time. You have the freedom to create your schedule and its all about prioritizing. Establish a balanced routine and enjoy the solitary work mode. Be grateful to those who have supported your art from the very start. Build a network and stay connected with those who support your passion. Stay involved in the art community, attend art exhibits, lectures, etc. Continue to find inspiration everywhere. Stay positive and true to your vision! :)


Q. Where can we learn more about you and your work?

A. To view my complete portfolio and news, please visit:
If you’re in San Francisco, you canview some of my recent works at Arttitud, a modern furniture design showroom located at 111 Potrero Avenue.


Patricia Araujo was born in Miami, Florida, the daughter of Colombian parents. She grew up in Bogota, Colombia and lived there until the age of 19. She began drawing at a very early age, always intrigued by architecture and form. After completing high school in Bogota, Araujo moved to Northern California and studied architecture, painting, and photography. In 2005 she obtained her second B.F.A in Painting, from the San Francisco Art Institute. She has been exhibiting in San Francisco since 1998. In 2008, she published her first book, entitled “SOMA SEEN”. Her work has been written about in the San Francisco Chronicle, ARTslant, 7×7 SF, Beyondchron, and the San Francisco Bay Guardian. She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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